How does Whole Body Cryotherapy (cryo) work?

We use an upright, step-in CryoSauna. Whole Body Cryotherapy (cryo) safely lowers your skin temperature for a period of up to 3 minutes max. Skin thermo receptors sense the cold and send signals to the brain to promote regulatory functions of the body and release anti-inflammatory proteins and calming endorphins into the bloodstream. Once you step out of the CryoSauna, your skin temperature returns to normal levels and your body warms up very quick.

How often should I do cryo to achieve results?

As with everything to do with health, wellness and individuals, it really depends on your specific needs and goals. We have some customers that love to start off Monday feeling refreshed and ready for their week! We have athletes that workout a ton, so they look to recover with us 2-3 times a week. Then there are customers who are in pain or want to burn extra calories and have treatments as often as everyday.

What should I do to prepare for a cryo session?

View your treatment as a workout. Your body needs to be fueled and hydrated. Avoid use if you are fasting. We provide you with gloves, socks, and shoes. For women, undergarments are optional. Men MUST wear underwear. (We have some disposable underwear available.) No metal or jewelry from the neck down. We ask our clients to remove all piercings prior to entering the CryoSauna. (No metal touching the skin.)

What does it feel like?

Its been described by customers like this: “Its like standing naked outside in Tahoe!” “invigorating” “refreshing” . The feeling after is only describable after trying a session for yourself. Book Here Now

Who should use Cryotherapy?

Cryo benefits everybody from athletes and weight lifters seeking recovery to people with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, to people who are seeking to lose some extra weight and speed up their metabolism, boost their mood, and combat depression.

Who should NOT use Cryotherapy?

People with uncontrolled high blood pressure, prior heart attack, unstable chest pain, disease of blood vessels, history of blood clots, cold allergy, open oozing sores, nerve pain in feet or legs, pregnancy.

I hate the cold, will I like cryo?

Yes! The cryo cold is different than being miserable at a football game or freezing after a cold wet day. It is a dry, gradual cold that actually has therapeutic value. The Co-Owner of Cryo Aid hates the cold as well, but she will drive an hour to cryo for 3 minutes because she loves how amazing she feels after! Bonus: The cold engages the activation and production of brown fat, your body actually heats up super fast after your session. You will leave warm on the inside and tingly on the outside. It is one of the best feelings!

What is the origin of cryo and potential benefits?

Cryo was originlly developed in Japan in the late 1970’s for the treatment of Rheumatoid Artritis. The benefits have been studied and refined in Europe and Asia. Sports, Health, and Spa professionals here in the United States, use cryo for inflammation reduction, muscle recovery, pain management, skin care, and beauty treatments.

There are over 50 cryo machines in hospitals and medical clinics in Europe. (European countries cover cryo treatments in their medical insurance policies.) In fact, over the past 7 years, more than 2 million sessions have been preformed in Europe alone.

Professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, and FIFA have made cryotherapy an important part of their recovery routine, with CryoSaunas being added into their training facilities. In the United States, cryo is considered a non-medical modality like chiropractic work, massage, or acupuncture.

We all understand the benefits of cold treatment in general such as ice baths and ice packs. Cryo is just a faster more pleasant way to experience the benefits of exposing your body to the cold. Their are numerous studies showing the health benefits of regularly exposing yourself to the cold. Click the link to find out 12 Proven Health Benefits of Cold Exposure


 Is Cryotherapy dangerous?

No. Your body is never actually frozen like Walt Disney. Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas, in fact the air we breath on a daily is over 70% nitrogen.  There is a huge fan that draws the excess nitrogen out of the room, and an oxygen sensor in the room that will alert if oxygen levels ever get too low. Our facility is checked annually by the county of Napa. The machine we use is one of the only machines made in the USA. It has several important safety features. One major safety feature included is every 30 seconds a certified cryo tech has to push a button or the machine will shut off.


Our Impact CryoSauna is open at the top and all height requirements are adjusted with risers. Your entire head remains exposed and above the CryoSauna and your body can more freely. The CryoSauna is equipped with a magnetic door latch. You can easily open it from the inside with a push of a finger.