My 1st Time

A step by step guide to your first visit at our facility:

I.   After being greeted and a one time new patient waiver is completed, you will head into the changing/cryo room. You will change into one of our gowns (woman can choose to wear under garments or be fully nude, while men MUST wear underwear). Cryo Aid provides a gown to cover yourself, socks, shoes, and gloves prior to each session.

II.   You will then be ready to enter the cryo sauna, where our certified Cryotherapy Technician will stay with you throughout the process. After you have entered the CryoSauna, you will hand us your gown and we will hand you gloves. (Privacy is important to us, rest assured that we will only see your face while your body is covered in the CryoSauna)

III.   Our technician will then prep you for the start of your session. Cool dry vapor will enter the CryoSauna circulating around you. Your skin temperature will gradually drop, but your core temperature will not. Sessions can last 1-3 minutes, note the CryoSauna vapor can be paused instantly at any time should you feel the need to pause.

IV.   After your session has ended, you will feel an endorphin rush. (Like a runners high) Your newly enriched blood will be released back into the rest of your body and you will warm up within the first few minutes. People have reported feeling various benefits from an hour, up to several days depending on the person.

V.   The certified technician will exit the room so that you can change back into your clothes. Before leaving make sure to set up your next appointment. Like any other wellness routine, regular use is encouraged to gain maximum benefits over time.

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