MD O2 Lounge

Our MD O2 Lounge offers 100% pure medical grade oxygen. Relax, unwind and clear your mind in our cozy MD O2 Lounge. Check our schedule below and book today!

                                                              A 10 Minute MD oxygen session comes with a brand new O2 Face Mask.


We are the only place in Napa that offers a medical grade oxygen lounge.


*We do not infuse the oxygen with any oils or scents.

(Most oxygen bars or lounges infuse the oxygen with scents that aren’t designed to be in your lungs in high concentrations. Although the consequences of these scents aren’t known, there could be potential ill effects on your lungs, especially for people, like those with asthma, who might react to strong smells.)

In a 10 minute session people have reported feeling less stressed and more alert.


Single Session   $10 BUY NOW

5 Pack   $45 BUY NOW

10 Pack   $80 BUY NOW

Cryo Aid Members can enjoy this service for only $7