Benefits & Testimonials

Our clients have had some common reported benefits!

❄Better Sleep

❄Increased range of motion

❄Relief from pain (knee, shoulders, back..)

❄Weight Loss

❄Relief from muscle soreness

❄A boost of energy


Most clients feel amazing after just one treatment but like any other health routine, frequency and consistency is best for optimal lasting results.

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Video Testimonials:



“I always keep pushing and keep moving, cryo is an important part of my recovery process”- Eduardo

“I can’t believe how easy it was for my first time, I feel amazing!” -David M.

“I hate the cold, but I love cryo!” – Ashley J.

“I like the feeling after a session, refreshed and a little boost of energy! Ready to get my day going” -Jose

“I have arthritis in my neck and my pain has significantly decreased after 6 sessions”


“I’m not as grumpy as I once was…….Cryo has definitely improved my mood over the course of a short month”- David H.